Tofu Cuisine

Warning: food porn with absolutely no psychological substance in sight.


This is a comfort food for me on a wintry day. It’s called mapo tofu and is a combination of nutty (from the sesame oil), salty (oyster sauce), spicy (chili bean sauce) and numbing ( from the secret ingredient Sichuan pepper corns which impart a tangy lemony bite to the dish). Spoon this over some hot rice and I’m in heaven. My mom would never order this dish at restaurants because she thought it would be too hot for a kid to handle. And ever since I learned to cook I have been making myself this dish at least once a month. I have fallen in love with what I couldn’t have (I heard they make movies about stuff like this).


This is a Cantonese seafood tofu pot and is full of flavor from cooking in a clay pot traditionally. Seafood and soft tofu is a combination I love and can’t really be found in Americanized Chinese food.

A psychology post will follow this food porn post soon! Stay tuned.


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